International conference “Islamic Solidarity in the example of Turkish-Azerbaijani friendship” was held in Istanbul on the 25th of September.
Conference was jointly organized by Caucasian Muslims Board, State Committee on Work with Religious Organizations, Department of Religious Affairs of Turkey, Organization for Islamic Cooperation (IRCICA) and Marmara University.
Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey: Ilham Aliyev and Rajab Tayyib Erdoghan appealed to the participants of the Conference.

In their speech, conference participants emphasized significant contribution of Sheikhulislam AllahShukur Pashazadeh, Chairman of Caucasian Muslims Board in successes of several international conferences held in 2017 within the frame of Islamic Solidarity. It was emphasized that, mentioned forums called for Islamic Solidarity and also contributed to spread of ideas of this solidarity such as interreligious and intercultural dialogue and coexistence of peoples belonging to diferent cultures. At the same time, such events facilitate delivering Azerbaijani truths to the world.