Causasian Muslims Board, State Committee on Work with Religious Organizations, International Association of Rapprochment of Islamic Madhabs, as well as Iran’s Organization for Cultural and Islamic Relations jointly held conference “Islamic Solidarity in the example of Iran-Azerbaijan friendship” in Tehran, on the 6th of August.
Ayatullah Mohsun Araki, chief secretary of International Association of Rapprochment of Islamic Madhabs, who delivered an address at the conference spoke about importance of Islamic Solidarity and mentioned that, Islam is a religion calling people for humanism, peace and tranquility. In order to prevent recent biases such as relating Islam with terrorism, Islam should be propagated in a proper way and essence of this religion should be explained to people.
Ayatullah Mohsun Gumioz, deputy to Supreme Religious Leader of Iran Islamic Republic on international matters, stated in his speech that, Islamic Solidarity will contribute to restoration of peace an tranquility not only in muslim world, bu also in the whole world.
Speakers highly appreciated idea of Islamic Solidarity of the President of Azerbaijan and stated necessity of this idea, as well as need of the modern world for solidarity.