Conference on the subject of “Multiculturalism and interreligious tolerance: experience of Azerbaijan and its importance for Europe” was held with co-organization of Caucasian Muslims Board and Alexanteri Institute of Helsinki on the 27th of April.

Professor Marku Kivinen, chief of Alexanteri Institute of Helsinki, delivering an address at the conference stressed importance of helding such conference in Finland for the first time. Finnic scientist stating that, Azerbaijan, which has traditions of multiculturalism and coexistence, aroused interest of the whole world with her achievements today, and expressed his confidence in getting acquainted with experience of Azerbaijan through this conference and contribution of this acquaintance to closer relations between the two countries.

T. Martikainen, head of Finland Migration Institute, T. Laitila, professor of University of Easterb Finland and A. Ali, Chairman of Islamic Society of Finland provided detailed information on interreligious dialogue model in Finland and emphasized similiarity between liberal multiculturalism values existing in Finland to Azerbaijani model.