Joint international conference “Contribution of Islamic solidarity to peace and multicultural life” within the frame of “Year of Islamic Solidarity”declared in Azerbaijan, was held in Madrid, capital of Spain, on the 6th of November.
Rafael Catala Polo, Minister of Justice of Spain assessed this event as one more step towards increase of belief in peace and stated that, establishing peace is not only job of government and state, civil societies should also put efforts fort his. Christians, Muslims and Jews have always lived friendly in Spain.
Antonio Maria Rouko Varela, Madrid archiepiscope, spoke about the role of religious representatives in establishing peace around the world and true responsibilities of this effort.
Sheikhulislam Allahshukur Pashazadeh emphasized in his speech importance of Islamic Solidarity not only for Muslim world, but also for the whole mankind in the name of peace, tranquility and dialogue.
Shlome Moshe Amar, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, stressed importance of unity among religious confessions for fight against terrorism.
Joint interreligious Memorandum was signed at the conference.